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The missions are lame 😒 You know if you want a good rated app you’ll have to do better than lame missions and adventures. No offense


My little girl loves paw patrol this wasn't worth it. She doesn't like it. You have to buy things to play the game.

Issue after sea download.

My daughter loves this game and we’ve never had an issue until we paid for and downloaded the sea package today. Now the app continues to crash as it’s trying to open. I tried deleting and re-downloading and getting the same error.

Will ask for refund

I paid for access to bath the sea and air patroller. It only gives access to the air and asked for an additional $1.99 to access the sea, despite the fact we paid for both. Tried to select restore purchase to update and it did not work. Then tried to get on some iPad as he is part of the family sharing and it did not work either. Very disappointed.


Just bought game for 3yr son who is a paw patrol fan & app does nothing but crash. The game gets to a badge screen - then stalls out. Spent money for a fun app for my son, but now would like a refund.

Not working...

I bought this both for the iPad and iPhone. Why I have to pay twice baffles me as all devices connected to same account. I bought both air and sea but sea does not want to work on either device. I entered a complaint with Apple and the told me to contact developer as it needs to be fixed. The same problems I am having with Rescue Run! I bought add ons for both devices and they don't work. Please fix ASAP.

Misleading app name.......

The app is called Paw Patrol air and sea adventures, so when you buy this app beware that you will only get the air adventures and if you want the sea adventures you will need to pay and additional $1.99 on top of the $2.99 you've already paid, so the real cost of the app is really $4.98 not really worth it, I would like a refund.

Fails to load sea

I tried the developer advice of deleting, rebooting and downloading again and now I am worse off since the app isn't even downloading anymore. My phone is iPhone 6S Plus, iOS is 10.3.3 and I have 30 GB of free storage on the phone. Edit: After the app support team had me try a bunch of troubleshooting that didn't fix it, I did a full restore of my phone and it works again. Sad that my son lost all his progress in the game but at least the sea levels work.


I bought this for my kids and they absolutely love it. So when I saw that there was an update for an add on I jumped on it because I figured that would keep their interest in case they got bored with the original game. However the Sea Patrol never loads and my kids have been trying to play it every time they grab my phone and they're a little disappointed. Either fix the issue or give myself and everyone else who paid for it a refund. Update 7/28/17 I uninstalled and reinstalled it like they've been telling people on here and it still doesn't work

Doesn't work

Purchased air & sea and doesn't work ! Yes, I have a iPhone 7 and yes, I have plenty of memory. Please fix !

Delete and reinstall to fix "sea patroller"

If you can't get to the "sea patroller" after purchasing it, delete the app, then tap Restore Purchases on the locked boat screen. Your child will lose their badges and progress but it's better than repeatedly explaining that the app doesn't work and they wasted their allowance on it... Very disappointing from such a big company.

horrible- freezes each time!

so frustrating. keeps freezing after you pick a pup. will be requesting for a refund.

Sea game doesn't work

Fix it! Don't put out a game until it works you idiots! Give me my $2 back. We already has the air flight paw patrol but upgraded. I want a refund

App does not work!

Downloaded the app on two phones! Wouldn't work on either one! Had to have apple refund my purchase.

Freezing with sea patrol update

Can you please fix the sea patrol? It freezes every time we try to play that version.


I purchased the sea patrol add on and now the sea patrol game won't start

Lies just call it Air

Oh awesome let's but Air & sea paw patrol oh wait after you buy the "air & sea Game" you have to pay again for SEA. Stupid stupid stupid. What if you only wanted Sea aaaahh. This is why nick games blow. You pay a lot for the game and the. Have to pay for levels in the game stupid stupid stupid, I wish I could get my money back.

Don't purchase till bug is fixed!

Same as everyone else. Upgraded to the app because my son was so excited for new water levels. Try explaining why it's not working to a 4 year old. Not fun. The developer response is BS.


Hard to imagine this made it through the App Review process. Apple and the Developer need new QA. Do Not Buy.


Plenty of storage. No other apps open. iPhone 7. Need a refund. Just freezes every time.

Freezing! Needs a good thaw.

From my 6 yr old: "The game doesn't work. Can you try to make it work again? I really love the Sea Patrol & I have a show about it & I watched it yesterday and so I wanted to play a game about it but it doesn't even work. I love Paw Patrol & Sea Patrol! Thank you for trying to fix it."

Buyer Beware

freezes up and will not load.Really upsetting for my son

Exact same issue with freezing

Plenty of storage All apps closed


Freezes after you select a pup

Freezes after you pick a pup

Freezes after you pick a pup

Under water not working

Freezes after you pick a dog for under water adventure 😟

Purchased an non-working app

Freezes everytime

Same Problem As Everyone Else!

After paying for the water upgrade, the load screen freezes when trying to use the new adventure. It's particularly frustrating for my 4-yr Old for whom the upgrade was purchased.


After picking a pup for the water part it freezes and you can't play it. It was only $1.99 but if I pay for something I expect it to work. My 4 year old loves paw patrol and I hope this gets fixed soon.

Sea patrol did not open

After pay for the sea patrol, after choose the pups the app do not open.


Freezes after you pick a dog for the water adventure??

Doesn't start when your device uses a language other then English

The app keep asking for internet connection and does not start. My daughter was so disappointed with this app. She was full of expectations about it. After some weird flashes on the loading screen I could see a message about language download. The app seems to be trying to download some language files (my iPad was set to Portuguese language) and I think it's not finding it on the developer server. The solution is to set the device language to English and the app will start fine. I hope the developers solve this issue quickly. As soon as I can run the app in Portuguese, I will give it 5 stars.

Don't buy. Does not even start!

This app does not work! I want a refund! A total disappointment!

Bad app

Not sure how this is at top. Such a bad app.

La app no funciona

La pantalla queda congelada pidiendo conexión a internet, y la App no funciona. Por favor actualizar para solucionar o proceder con el reembolso.


Pantalla congelada desde el principio, "conectarse a internet para comenzar" es la leyenda que aparece en pantalla, arreglen el problema o hagan reembolso por favor

problema de juego

problema con coneccion a intertnet. pantalla conegelada, no se puede jugar. necesito reembolso o que arreglen el juego por favor-


I love the quality of the app and characters. It's worth the money and not just this game, all of your company's games is awesome with bringing the characters to life and the stunning quality of the game! I love it! 😍

No funciona

Le baje el juego a mi hijo y me sale q me conecte al internet y no hace nada

No permite jugar

El juego no inicia. Se queda congelado en la pantalla inicial y no permite jugar. Es decepcionante haber pagado por un app para que mis hijos jueguen y no la puedan utilizar. Necesitan arreglar este error pronto o devolver el dinero

Problemas de inicio

No me permite jugar, solo inicia y se queda en la misma pantalla.

Cute Air Pups

My son loves paw patrol so I got this game he likes choosing players. When the phone isn't muted my sound works.

No sound

And the 4 year old is fussing at me. No fun. Please fix. iPhone 6+ running the latest release of iOS.

No sound for me either

Just purchased and it has problems

No Sound!!!!

I just bought the game but there is no sound. I'll give 3 stars just for the idea of this game

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